Save the Music 2015-2016

Fundraising for 2015-2016 has begun!  We need to raise over  $98,000 to fully fund the Band/Strings for each school year. Won't you consider making a donation to help save the music? Read More about Save the Music.

Celebrate 2014 was a success!

Thanks to those that supported Celebrate! The event was very successful. The performances were amazing. Successful as it was we know it will not be enough to fully fund the band/strings program. Won't you consider making a donation to help take us the rest of the way!  We need over $98,000 to fully fund this very important program. A special thanks to the volunteers for making this event successful!

Save the Music 2014-2015

PSEE is pleased to announce that we were able to fund the Elementary Band/Strings for the 2014-2015 School year for PUSD. Funds came through Donations and Event Revenue, as well as some funds from the foundation.  Thanks to all our supporters for your help. We really appreciate it! Cumulatively, PSEE has given over Six Hundred Thousand dollars to PUSD to benefit Arts, Science and other enrichment since its inception in 1999!

Foundation Transfer

As agreed at the December 2012 Board meeting, PSEE has transfered the accumulated foundation funds to the District. These funds will be managed by the district in a special restricted account for use only to fund Arts, Sciences and other Enrichment consistent with PSEE goals. PSEE will continue to fundraise for the district and will continue to work with the district to help recommend the use of these funds.  Management of the funds has simply been shifted to help off-load some of the administrative burdens for the PSEE Volunteers.  Susana Lopez-Krulevich has taken over as President of PSEE, Mark Aubel as Vice President and Sally Baker at Secretary.  Denise Watkins retired from the foundation after 13 years, being one of the original co-founders.  In April 2012, PSEE transferred $722,913.65 to the district for this special fund.  This brings the total that PSEE has provided to PUSD to over $1.3 Million dollars!

Foundation Assets over $722,000 Dollars!

PSEE has provided over Six Hundred Thousand dollars ($635,626.11 to date) to the Pleasanton Unified School District to fund Art, Science and enrichment programs such as those listed below. PSEE assets are almost $723,000. Meanwhile, our expenses are cumulatively about 1%! 


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  • Elementary Band/Strings $98,000 needed
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Help our Foundation grow! Today we have almost $723,000! With the state budget crisis, schools need your help now more than ever!